SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center 
270 Martin Road
Enon Valley, PA 16120

Toll-Free: 1-877-767-5732
Phone: 724-336-5180   
Fax: 724-336-6716

Since the Slovenian Heritage Center is operated by the Slovene National Benefit Society, several SNPJ members comprise the Slovenian Heritage Center Committee, the center’s governing body.

The SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center Committee currently includes members:

  • Joseph C. Evanish, President
  • Kathleen Paulenich, Director
  • Joan Gaspersic, Secretary
  • Edward I. Robich, Treasurer
  • Tracey Belle
  • Josephine “Patty” Candela
  • Mary Jo Hartman
  • Kristina Hartman Lickert
  • Sarah Loudon
  • Sue Mals
  • Lynn Romeo

SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center Committee members are elected by the SNPJ National Board to terms of four years each. Nominations for committee positions are announced and accepted prior to the National Board meetings. All committee members can be reached at the e-mail address listed above.