If you’ve ever wondered where you could purchase items unique to Slovenia, the SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center should be the first stop on your list. The Slovenian Heritage Center gift shop, located at the front of the Heritage Center library, offers visitors the opportunity to purchase authentic Slovenian products.

Looking for some Slovenian polka music? The gift shop stocks a variety of CDs and cassettes from polka greats such as Frank Yankovic and Lojze Slak, as well as music straight from the heart of Slovenia produced by the country’s leading folk and ensemble performers.

Perhaps you’d prefer to take home something slightly more academic. The Heritage Center gift shop has Slovenian-English dictionaries, Slovenian travel guides, and colloquial Slovenian lesson books and audio cassettes available for purchase.

If you’re seeking SNPJ logo apparel and merchandise, the Slovenian Heritage Center gift shop has these available as well. The gift shop carries a complete line of SNPJ and SNPJ Recreation Center apparel and gifts, all reasonably priced. The SNPJ Heritage Center gift shop is also your source for Slovenian coats of arms. These beautiful, hand-painted coats of arms are available for $50 each, which includes shipping and handling. [Place your orders by using the Gift Shop Order Form].

Slovenian coats of arms

All items may be purchased directly through the gift shop, or ordered by writing to:

SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center
270 Martin Road • Enon Valley, PA • 16120

Payment in full must accompany each order. For additional information phone 724-336-5180
(toll-free 1-877-767-5732) or fax 724-336-6716.

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