At its core, the SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center is a museum. In fact, you’ll often hear the Heritage Center referred to as the “Heritage Museum.” As such, display areas show aspects of Slovenian culture and SNPJ.

Traditional Slovenian dress The SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center has traditional costumes from all eight regions of Slovenia on display.

The SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center devotes a great deal of space to display area. Some of the displays are permanent; others cycle on a rotating basis. But all focus on one of two main themes — Slovenian culture and the Slovene National Benefit Society.

In addition to the permanent displays lining the walls of the Slovenian Heritage Center, most notably the Slovenian coats-of-arms and Miss SNPJ photo gallery, you’ll notice the Slovenia display which is themed and arranged around the country’s regions. A hand-held automated guide system is available, offering a complete and descriptive tour of the displays at the visitor's pace.

More than simply offering an explanation of the culture, the SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center provides its visitors a glimpse of life as it was for the earliest Slovenian immigrants.

Turn-of-the-century life wasn't always easy, and the Heritage Center’s mining display captures the true hardships many Slovenian miners faced day in and day out as they struggled to eke out a decent living in the coalmines scattered across the United States.

Slovenian Coal Mining Display

You’ll also admire the exhibits that showcase the rich tradition of Slovenian polka music by focusing on the button box accordion and late great Polka King Frank Yankovic (who was also an SNPJ member). To Slovenians, music was an absolute necessity when gathering with family, entertaining friends or simply relaxing after a hard day’s work in the fields, mines and mills.

The Slovenian Heritage Center displays several
button box accordions, a staple of Slovenian polka music.

Whether you’re searching for information on Slovenia or SNPJ, or even if you’re just interested in taking in a little history and Slovenian culture, a stroll through the SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center displays is definitely worthwhile.



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